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(Advocate Supreme Court)

Mr. Zahid Idris Mufti a dynamic and competent professional with over 45 years of experience in Government and senior positions as head of Mufti Law. An accomplished professional backed with traditional principles and ethics is the ideal combination of any great lawyer. Zahid’s proven ability to represent clients in complex and challenging environments is a well-known fact among the legal fraternity.

Mr. Zahid being the son of Mufti Muhammad Idris the (father of Qanoon-e-Shahadat Order 1973), is a leader who has shown exemplary leadership and visionary qualities while leading his legal team in all legal battles in and out of the court. Mr. Zahid has been practicing in Banking, taxation, corporate, service, and arbitration matters. Due to his unique skill set, Zahid’s skill was recognized by being elected as a member of SAARC while representing Pakistan on an international scale.

Mr. Zahid’s vast experience and knowledge make him a desired choice of any establishment.

While Mr Zahid is still helping, and guiding these organizations in reaching their esteemed goals, here are a few of the critical general positions he has enjoyed over his career:

  • Member SAARC Arbitration Council.
  • Expert/Arbitrator on the Panel of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
  • Ex- Member Board of Directors Zarai Taraqiati Bank Pakistan.
  • Director BOD Kaghan Development Authority.
  • Member BOG Army Burn Hall College for Boys.
  • Member Executive Committee Services Club Abbottabad.
  • Executive & Partner with Rotary International.
  • “Mediation Training Program to support Women & DRC in KPK” 2020-2022.


  • KTM Case, National Bank Case, Other banking Cases
  • Member of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee notified by FBR.
  • Practicing in Banking – On the Panel of National Bank of Pakistan (Asset Management Group) & also conducting cases on behalf of Public/private Limited companies in the High Court & Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • While his solid interpersonal and communications skills in building key alliances and partnerships, having dealt with a diversity of clients and individuals from session courts to High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Mr. Ahmad Dildar

(Advocate High Court)

Having worked on cases/disputes on international litigation on forms like ICSID (MS Agility case between Kuwait and Pakistan, MS Cotechna and SGS Switzerland, World Intellectual Property Rights agreement, Mediation, Banking and Insurance laws, Mr. Ahmad Dildar enjoys a distinction in his legal merits. Mr. Ahmad Dildar (former Member Board of Director at PESCO) (currently advocate High Court) retired as Member Legal of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). After competing for Central Superior Services (CSS) was allocated Customs, Central Excise and Tax group on merit.

He has served as Collector of Customs, Central Excise and Sales Tax in various collectorates throughout Pakistan. Having a distinguished grip on the tax laws, he served on policy as Chief Administration and Chief Sales Tax. Due to his legal acumen, he was bestowed the honour to serve as Registrar Federal Shariat Court, where one of his works includes negotiating and working on prisonreforms with ADP (Asian Development Bank) and other government department/ministries.

He has also served as Secretary to the Attorney General for office of the Attorney General of Pakistan and worked as Project Director ‘Access to justice program’. A few of his major professional courses and training include WTO-TFA Consultation Course, US Department of Commerce, intensive course on WTO and custom evaluation at Singapore, attending the ‘International Conference Chief Justices of Arab Countries’’ Casablanca (Morocco).

Furthermore, he participated in Annual International Conferences under Supreme Court of Pakistan for the year 2010 to 2013, acted as ‘focal’ person in Pakistan for abundant children as required by international community (Article 52 under UN0), participated in negotiation on human trafficking and measures to control/immigration laws in the year 2009 at Turkey. He participated in training on techniques on negotiation and mediation on ADR (Alternate Dispute Resolution).

Additionally, he acted as a participant in National Tech Advisory Committee (NATCC). He was declared the ‘Best Delegate’ during the conference in Japan on the subject of Intellectual Property Right, declared ‘best participant on ‘mediation’ in Singapore, appears in Television segment on Taxation, IP laws, ADR and for various legal analysis on news channels such as ‘Roze Tv’ channel.

Mr. Hassan Idrees Mufti

(Advocate High Court)

Mr. Hassan completed his LLB from the University of London in 2013 and straight away joined Mufti Law. Hassan’s initial experience was involved in matters pertaining to Sales Tax and Income Tax Act and was responsible for looking after the litigation of the Islamabad Office.

Hassan while representing the firm has handled over more than 100 cases at the High Courts of the country and has established himself as a passionate and hardworking lawyer. During his legal career he has also represented the firm in Customs, Arbitration, Service, Family, Criminal, Civil and banking matters.

Mr Mufti was fortunate enough to work with both Governmental and Private Organizations where he was able to learn and develop various skills in addition to his legal expertise.

Mr Mufti has worked with huge organizations as National Highway Authority , Telephone Industries of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue and Regional Tax Office’s to name a few.

Mr Mufti’s zealous approach and perennial attitude have given him a reputation of a legal representative who inspires confidence and trust in all of the firm’s clients. Mr Mufti also is one of the only few lawyers in the country who practices in the field of Electronic Sports in Pakistan where he has handled clients both domestically and Internationally.

Mr. Adam Jabbar

(Advocate High Court)

Mr. Adam earned his LLB from the University of London in 2018, and he completed his Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) in 2012 from the Heriot-Watt University – Edinburgh Business School combining both legal and business world experience.

Adam is admitted as an Advocate of the High Courts in Pakistan. He started his law career at Orr, Dignam & Co., listed in the Asia Pacific Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners as a Tier 1 law firm. He further joined Raza Qasuri Law Associates and worked with Sahibzada Ahmed Raza Khan Qasuri, one of the founding fathers of Pakistan’s Constitution, a senior politician, and a senior advocate of the Supreme Court.

Presently, Adam is working as a J. Partner at Mufti Law, one of the most prestigious full-service law firms in Pakistan. Adam brings several years of experience of litigation, mediation and advising clients on complex corporate, commercial law, technology law, criminal law, business law, real estate, contracts, government bids, acquisitions, white-collar crimes and banking sector.

Adam is also focussing on Technology, media and telecommunications law (TMT) in Pakistan and has extensive experience advising both local and international organizations, mainly technological companies, mobile applications and e-commerce stores on compliance with their international privacy laws in North America, Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) as well as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California privacy laws (CCPA). He is currently pursuing ‘Computer Science’ for lawyers from Harvard University X.

Aam’s Op-eds are regularly published in newspapers, and read by local and international audiences. He is also a Columnist of Daily Times-News and Pakistan Today, where his compositions about legal issues in Pakistan are printed, and he is also a published author and editor of a bestselling book 100 Pakistanis.

Mr. Hashim Jadoon


Hashim earned his LLB from the University of London in 2018. Before completing his formal legal education, Hashim completed his Bachelor of Commerce in 2016 from Ryerson University, Canada, and completed his degree with a double major, specializing in law and business. Hashim has worked with the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ontario, Canada, from 2012-2016.

He has vast legal experience in family law, criminal law, civil law, contract law, and banking laws. Hashim has worked directly with start-ups and has specialized knowledge in intellectual property law, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents. Thanks to Hashim’s unique background in law and business, Hashim has worked with several companies.

He has drafted company 5 documents, including Articles of Association, Company Memorandum, minutes of a board meeting, and serves as a Canadian-based firm’s legal director. Most recently, Hashim has been practicing law in Pakistan and has advised statutory bodies such as NADRA, PEMRA, and OGRA and has been involved in the drafting and implementing multimillion-dollar deals between statutory bodies and private international firms.

Hashim has demonstrated a knack for creating well-constructed arguments and does not hesitate to ask questions in unfamiliar matters. He is vocal in his opinion and is willing to engage in productive discourse. Hashim has an excellent grasp of legal research, diligently navigating the Pakistan Law Site and more traditional methods of perusing various legal texts and dictionaries. He has a complete understanding of how the principle of stare decisis works in Pakistan and is familiar with litigation in both the High Courts and the Supreme Court. Hashim is familiar with Pakistan’s banking laws as he has been involved in cases concerning the recovery of loans.

Anum Zia


Anum Zia is working as an associate at Mufti Law. She completed her LLB from the University of London in 2019 and directly joined this firm. Being registered with the most prestigious Bar Council of Pakistan (Islamabad Bar Council), her practice focuses upon complex civil litigation, taxation laws, banking laws, corporate matters and is an attorney in the firm’s intellectual property department. She practices in the areas of trademark and the copyrights prosecution, licensing and enforcement.

Ms. Anum assists the clients with identifying various protectable aspects of services and concepts. Her philosophy is to provide her clients with not only excellent representation, but to also provide them with the tools they will need to successfully move forward with their lives. Being in Anum’s hands means trusting someone who looks at you like family and does not ever take advantage of you or your case, but she fully understands the challenges one goes through!

Dr. Humaira Shafi

(Advocate High Court)

Dr. HumairaShafi is a Research Director and Senior Legal Consultant at Mufti Law. She completed her law degree from the University of Peshawar and joined the firm in 2006. She manages firm’s research portfolio and provides research assistance to different national and International research projects.

She also provides legal expertise and consultation on various legal matters. She is an expert Mediator and offers facilitation in Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) matters. She specializes in Property, Family and Civil litigation. Dr. Shafihas completed her PhD in ‘Gender and Law’ from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Her groundbreaking PhD research, on Pakistani Muslim women’s property rights, has demonstrated the complex ways in which Muslim Pakistani women resist legal empowerment in exchange for social capital and recognition. Dr. Shafi has given guest lectures on Gender, law and Community Dispute Resolution Mechanisms on various International forums. She has also conducted workshops on ‘Gender sensitization’ and ‘International feminism for UQ International Development, Australia.

Dr. Shafi is a Rotary Peace fellow and has a degree in International Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Queensland. Her work as a Rotary Peace Fellow has garnered international attention and this year she has been nominated for prestigious Paul Harris Award.

Dr. Shafi is also a Country Representative[1] of World Disability and Rehabilitation Professional Association (WDRPA) in Pakistan. She is also a member of The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM)’s Evaluation Committee.

Dr. Shafi is an experienced grant writer and has succeeded in gaining grants from different international institutions. She has co-ordinated a research project titled: ‘Gender Sensitization for Judicial Education in Pakistan and Indonesia, for the Oxford University and Law and Justice Commission Pakistan. Dr. Shafi is appointed as cultural expert for Pakistan in EURO-EXPERT project. She is a currently organising a Mediation Training Program for Women. It is a joint project of Mufti Law Associates and German Rotary Club which will be launched in later months of 2021. 

Mr. Shahid Kamal

(Advocate High Court)

Mr. Shahid Kamal joined the profession in 2003 and in the same year became part of the Mufti Law Family. Mr.Shahid’s experience and legal expertise are well known, especially in the jurisdiction of Kyber Pakhtun Khwa.

Mr. Shahid has specific expertise in the banking sector, civil, criminal, family matters, and arbitration matters. Mr. Shahid is considered the backbone of the law firm and is directly responsible for all legal matters of the firm in KpK.

Mr. Shahid’s legal expertise and wisdom are widespread in the community and his experience is unparalleled in comparison.

He is a valuable asset to the firm and he continues to be an inspiration for all the young lawyers joining this profession.

Sardar Chanzeb

(Advocate High Court)

Sardar Chanzeb is an advocate of the high court who has been part of the Mufti Law Family since 2003. His area of expertise is civil and criminal litigation coupled with his vast experience in family law. Mr. Chanzeb is an integral part of the office where he is able to provide solutions to complex problems for all his clients. 

His ability to be very thorough and detailed allows a very unique perspective for all Mufti Law Clients. He is stationed in the office of Abbottabad and is actively pursuing most of the firm’s litigation.

Mr. Osman I. Mufti

(Advocate High Court)

Osman I. Mufti is a Senior Partner of a law firm in the United States of America who has been working actively there for over more than a decade. He represents and advises public agencies, joint powers authorities, special districts, and local agency formation commissions.  Mr. Mufti advises public agencies regarding matters related to public contracting and procurement, the Brown Act, conflicts of interest, and public records laws.  

He has previously served as an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Evansville, Indiana, and represented various municipal departments including the Airport Authority District, the Water, and Sewer Utility, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the Levee Authority. In addition to representing government agencies, Mr. Mufti has substantial experience practicing immigration law and regularly assists public and private employers with the H-1B and labor certification process. 

Supporting Staff

Mr. Ghani

Mr. Ghani joined the legal profession at a very young age in the year 2015 and subsequently joined Mufti Law in the year 2020. He has been assisting the office in an extremely professional manner.

Ghani’s expertise involves handling all the clerical work of the law firm coupled with his court experiences he is considered a valuable asset of the firm. Ghani is specifically known for his hard work and energetic attitude and his ability to always keep his client’s interest a top priority.